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The Guardian's Media coverage, with separate sections on newspaper, digital media, radio and television, is the sharpest to pick up on media law issues and its media law section follows up well with analysis and debate.

Press Gazette
The Press Gazette is strong on its day-to-day coverage of libel and contempt issues in the courts thanks to its partnership with the Press Associations media law service but you do have to trawl through general news to find it.

The Telegraph's media law coverage dipped after they decided to do without a designated legal correspondent but it's worth the journalism student clicking on MPs expenses scandal see how a newspaper handles a major investigation dripping with legal issues.

The Independent
Spasmodic in its legal coverage but determined in its use of the Freedom of Information Act.

Legal blogs

Joshua Rozenberg, the BBC's legal correspondent for 15 years and billed on his website as Britain's best-known commentator on the law, sees the emergence of these blogs as a response to the decline in more specialist legal coverage by national newspapers like The Telegraph, which no longer has a designated legal correspondent and The Times, whose legal coverage is no longer freely available since its introduction this year of an online pay wall.

This site is really sharp.
Student value - it has a format for reporting libel, privacy, courts, data protection and sports law cases which seems tailor-made for media law study student - a headline summary of the issues involved, facts of the case, judgement, comment on the judgment - all wrapped up in four to five hundred words. And if you want more you can download the judgement in full.

Jack of Kent
A one-off, must-read campaigning blog.
student value - trawl down the blog to "The Appeal of Paul Chambers", a brilliant chronology of a case which brings to real life all the rules governing arrest, police questioning, the Crown Prosecution Service, court hearings, changes of plea, appeals to a higher court.

Inforrm's Blog
Website of the International Forum for Responsible Media set up to debate issues of media responsibility and calling for a proper balance between the media's freedom of expression and the rights of the individual to privacy and reputation.
student value - its case-law analyses of privacy and injunctions issues are carried on our privacy page.

UKSC blog
The Supreme Court is the UK's highest court; its judgments bind lower courts and thus shape the development of English Law.
student value - commentary on the Supreme Court and its judgments.You can browse case previews (upcoming hearings), new judgments and analysis of recent judgments.

UK Human Rights Blog
Provides a comprehensive and balanced legal update service on human rights and aims to present both sides of the argument on issues which are often highly controversial.
student value - a list of the articles of the European Convention on Human Rights. You can click on the article itself for a description and analysis, or click the “posts” link after each article to see posts on the blog relating to that article.Really useful.


How legal bloggs blossomed
Blawger roll of honour: some good, some popular, some both - all worth looking at

British and Irish Legal Information Institute
Most UK legal bloggs rely on BAILII as their source for current judgments and are able to provide their readers with links to the transcripts of the judgments. is considered to be an important factor in the growth of legal bloggs. BAILII is a charity and requires continued support if it is to continue as a valuable source of primary information, says its executive director Joe Ury

BBC College of Journalism
A class act - especially stimulating and informative for students and young journalists


Biog blog

The Supreme Court-Biographies of the Justices













Media comment

Fleet Street Blues

Tabloid Watch

Five Chinese Crackers

Press not sorry

Minority thought

The Sun - tabloid lies

The media blog

Martin Moore

Roy Greenslade

No sleep 'till Brooklands

Gentlemen ranters

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